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Personalised School Water Bottle and Holder

Personalised School Water Bottle and Holder

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Quench your child's thirst for personalization with our exquisite Personalized School Water Bottle and Holder on Etsy. Crafted with creativity in mind, this unique offering features a meticulously hand-drawn character and their initial, capturing your child's essence perfectly.

🎨 Customizable Character: Tailor the character's look with interchangeable options, including hair color, eye color, and skin tone. This bespoke touch ensures a character that mirrors your child's individuality.

πŸ‘• School Jumper/Cardigan Choice: Elevate the personalization further by selecting a school jumper or cardigan design of your preference. Watch as your child's character adorns a jumper that resonates with their style.

🌈 Holder Color Variety: Choose from an array of holder colors that suit your child's taste and style. Options include Black, White, Sky Blue, French Navy, Bright Royal, Bottle Green, Graphite Grey, Classic Red, Burgundy, and Classic Pink.

Our Etsy listing promises more than just a water bottle and holder – it's a creative expression, a celebration of your child's uniqueness. Give them the gift of self-expression and individuality. Make this school essential an artful statement today. Explore our Etsy shop now!

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