Tell me something better than pouring a glass of Bailey, opening a tin of chocolates, and chilling in your Christmas pyjamas? As soon as Hull Fair and Halloween has been and gone, I feel myself beginning to twitch with excitement for the day that Billy says I am allowed to start the festivities. Cute, comfortable, warm and they remind me of the magic of the season… what could be better? I have to admit there will be days where me and the girls will chill in our pj’s, sometimes when we don’t have plans or anywhere to go, you can find us at 2pm eating a cheese board wearing our sleepwear, living our best lives.

This year I have to make a decision which is not going to be easy, but it needs to be done. I need to decide which style and design I should offer all my lovely customers! So that’s where you come in…

Tell me which ones you want!

I will still be offering a range of other hand drawn designs for all sizes but these are specifically for the full family - including dad for a change. 

Payment plans are available on all sets (deposit of £5 per piece - full payment no later than 30th November 2022). 

So if you are planning on partaking in my favourite tradition this year get in touch to order yours!


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